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Moments of Gratitude

When we think of "making music" we can be constrained to a structured idea of how a traditional music class might fit in our routines. There are many benefits to a specific time dedicated to learning and developing musical skills, but our lives don't have to be restricted to those things. Making music can be a fluid experience that fits and transitions into our day to day routine.

One of my very favourite ways to include a little bit of music into a child's day is to create pockets of time to encourage welcome and gratitude in our community.

One example of this is a welcome song at the beginning of our day. This can be in a classroom or a home environment and can create a welcoming environment to begin a daily routine. This song can be short and use repetition, and should ideally name each person in the space, which aims to remind each person that they are welcome and valued in their environment.

Another opportunity to exemplify gratitude is a moment of thankfulness before a meal. This can be a song of your own, or something specific to your culture and environment. An example of a song of gratitude is on my Instagram under the name "Giving Thanks". Mealtime can be a complicated time of transition and marking it with a quiet moment of music making can aid in creating some calm.

When we make music together in encourages us all to feel accepted and part of a group. Because of this, it is important that we are also participating in it, and not simply expecting the children in our lives to create this habit without us. These are only two examples of how we can encourage flexible music making in our lives, and I invite you to take a look into your routines and see where there are other opportunities!

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